Taylors in Finland

The Grand Adventure

Mary Ann's Fulbright Exchange to Oulu, Finland
August 2001 - June 2002

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23 August 2001
Wednesday 2145
Sunrise/sunset 0529/2113
Still light out

Hyvaa itaa, (Good Evening,)

We just got back from a 75-minute walk and errand to get lawn mower fuel. We have had a couple of these adventures, when we plan a thirty-minute walk and it turns out altogether different than expected. It is a gorgeous evening; the sun is out with puffs of white clouds in the sky. I am enjoying the evenings; even if it has rained during the day it clears by 2030.

I feel I am teaching more to a middle school schedule, because I have other teachersí children for P.E., Arts and Crafts, and Ethics. Plus, with a 45-minute teaching block and a break, it forces you to think in subject areas. There are pros and cons to teaching this way. One is that you canít let the subject drop. Sometimes I have something especially related to teaching reading that takes longer than expected, so my P.E. might get dropped. This, of course, horrifies our daughter, Natalie, who teaches Physical Education. Most children come to school with the attitude, it is a place to learn. This is very refreshing.

The Fulbright Finnish Coordinators have arranged a two-day workshop in Helsinki for all seven of us that are teaching in Finland, so we can share about our experiences so far. They will help us with things we might need some advice on. We will fly Thursday morning, 30 August, and come back on Sunday evening, 02 September. We are looking forward to seeing our friends that we met during the Orientation in Washington D.C.

I most close for I have some planning for tomorrow.

Mary Ann

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Mary Ann getting a head start on me during an evening constitutional. (2234)

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I don't mind a constitutional, but amending it to 75 minutes! (2235)

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