Taylors in Finland

The Grand Adventure

Mary Ann's Fulbright Exchange to Oulu, Finland
August 2001 - June 2002

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12-14 October 2001

15 October 2001
Monday 2100
Sunrise/sunset 0810/1758
Low/high 6°C/13°C (43°F/53°F)
Oulunsalo, Finland

Tampere Fulbright get together
to visit Marie-Camille Havard and Rheda Brown

Hi everyone,

12 October 2001, Friday

We drove six hours southwest to Tampere to stay with Marie-Camille Havard and see Rheda Brown. It was a wonderful drive seeing the fall colors along the way. The sun gave golden highlights to maple and birch trees.

When we arrived and drove along the main street, we saw lights hanging from all the light poles. These will be lit for the Festival of Lights, and still on when we go back November 23rd, for our Thanksgiving Celebration with the seven Fulbright teachers and two spouses. I can’t wait to see the Festival of Lights. Tampere is the third largest city in Finland.

13 October 2001, Saturday

Marie-Camille and Rheda gave us a great tour of their city. We enjoyed our walk along Tampere Rapids path. Across the river we could see the red-brick textile factories of the past. They were so colorful with ivy growing all over them. The three museums that I enjoyed were the Craft Museums of Modern Design - the rugs, sweaters, and wooden carved items were every intriguing, the Moominvalley Museum - this museum had fabulous dioramas depicting scenes from the books written by the famous Finnish Children’s author - illustrator, Tove Jansson. I, like Elisabeth, am now hooked on her books and the Moomin characters. I would like to do a class mural illustrating one of her books. And the last museum that was very interesting for me was the Tampere Mineral Museum of stones and fossils.

14 October 2001, Sunday

We walked to the top of a hill in a lovely park that gave us a view of Sarkanniemi Amusement Park and the waterfront. A last highlight was a trip to Näsinneula to see the view from the highest observation tower in the Nordic countries that offered breathtaking views of the city and surrounding area. It seems it has become a tradition to go to each city’s highest vantage point to see the city sights. So far every city has had a high building or tower to view the vistas. It was a very memorable weekend.

Mary Ann

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On the road again in the trusty Volvo, now to Tampere for the weekend (2976)

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John, Elisabeth Young and Marie-Camille in Marie-Camille's kitchen. (Tam19)

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The "rapids" between the lakes is still used for hydroelectric power and fishing. (2895)

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A converted factory building on the other side with spectacular colors in the ivy. (2897)

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Sweaters showing Finnish design and work. (2902)

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Examples of beautiful Finnish woodwork. (2903)

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The library which also houses the Moominvalley Museum and the Tampere Mineral Museum. From the air the museum looks like a grouse. (Tam13)

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One display in the Tampere Mineral Museum. (2926)

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Marie-Camille, John and Elisabeth in the park overlooking the Sarkanniemi Amusement Park. (Tam21)

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The Näsinneula tower offers great views of the lakes on either side of Tampere. (2939)

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