Taylors in Finland

The Grand Adventure

Mary Ann's Fulbright Exchange to Oulu, Finland
August 2001 - June 2002

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5-16 November 2001

17 November 2001
Saturday 1900
Sunrise/sunset 0900/1507
High/low  4C/-9C (39F/16F)
Oulunsalo, Finland

Hi everyone,

Student Teachers

On Monday, 5 November to 9 November our school had sixteen student teachers from the Oulu University observing our lessons. I have five student teachers that I am responsible for giving feedback to on their lessons during the next four weeks in Physical Education, Art, and Ethics. It is always great to talk with young people that have so many ideas in their heads that they want to try out. I feel stimulated by the discussions we have had related to their lessons and the things they want to try in following lessons.

7 November, Wednesday evening

Student Violin Performance

John and I met Kate and her roommate, Merja, for dinner at Pannu, our favorite pizza restaurant. Then Kate, John and I went to hear one of my students give a violin performance. He is eight years old and plays beautifully. His father has been doing research at the university the last two years. They will be moving back to China in March.

10 November

UNICEF fund-raising walk

We had another Saturday school. This time we did a UNICEF walk through Ainola Park.  We started our walk at 1030 through the snowy park. Our Parent Group set up check points, where the children got their card stamped, so they would know how many kilometers they had walked, since this was a fundraiser. The parents offered a warm drink every kilometer they completed. My class did 2 kilometers tromping through the snow. We were out for about one and a half hours in the cold, -8C (18F). Only one child complained, out of my thirteen, the rest wanted to keep going. We came back to the classroom and did an art project before having lunch and going home. Saturday evening, we met Henna-Laura Perttunen and her boyfriend Karri Kauppi for dinner. It was great hearing about their trip to Austria and all their activities. They are planning to leave December 15th, for California, to visit her parents.

11 November

John and I invited the Thompson family for dinner. I served a bow tie pasta dish and a dessert called Magic Apple Pie from the cookbook Natalie gave me at Christmas. This cookbook has given me so many quick, easy, delicious meals. It is called 30 Minutes or Less For People Who Dont Have Time To Cook. It was such a nice evening.

16 November, Friday

Our staff had its first Christmas Party with our partner school, Myllytulli.

Mary Ann

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"Guess the word" game. (3208)

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"Name That Tune". (3219)

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A chance to rest while being entertained by ...  (3226)

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... the "Unexpecteds". (3227)

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Our own "ABBA" group during Karaoke; Outi, Heikki, Raimo and Paula. (3247)

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Our principal, Olli Nenola. (3253)

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